If You Are Lucky Enough to Live By the Sea, You Are Lucky Enough! 

You may not find the sea in or around Door County, but you will find water–lots of water.  300 miles of shore surrounded by Lake Michigan to the east and the Bay of Green Bay to the west, with calm harbors, bays and inland lakes scattered all around

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Clark Lake

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Europe Lake

Because of Door County’s geography, a long narrow peninsula, you really are never more than 15 minutes from the water.  Door County is 70 miles long, only about 18 miles at its widest point at the southern part and less than 2 miles wide at the northern tip.  Begin at the county line and drive to the northern tip at Northport and you’ll spend just an hour out of your day.  I cannot guarantee though that you won’t be tempted to stop along the way to partake of our fabulous eateries, tempting candy shops, wineries or spectacular shopping experiences.  If the water is your interest here are some fast facts:

1.  Clark Lake
868 acres
Maximum depth – 25 feet
Fish population – northern, walleye, bass, panfish, trout
There is a wonderful sand beach on South Lake Road

2.  Europe Lake
273 acres
Maximum depth – 10 feet
Fish Population – walleye, bass, panfish

3.  Kangaroo Lake
1,123 acres
Maximum depth 12 feet
Fish population – northern walleye, bass, panfish

4.  Baileys Harbor
Distance across opening – 1.6 miles
Maximum depth – 26 feet
Fish population – whitefish, smallmouth bass, brook trout
In Baileys Harbor check out Anclam Park where you will find a wonderful Lake Michigan sandy beach
If you are launching a boat the downtown hosts a really nice marina

5.  Eagle Harbor – Ephraim
Distance across opening – 1 mile
Maximum depth – 31 feet
Fish population – whitefish, smallmouth bass

6.  Egg Harbor
Distance across opening – 1 mile
Maximum depth – 49 feet
Fish popluation – whitefish, smallmouth bass
Egg Harbor has a terrific marina
A beautiful swiming beach is located just off County G

7.  Ellison Bay
Distance across opening – 4/5 mile
Maximum depth – 71 feet
Fish population – whitefish, chinook salmon, lake trout

8.  Hedgehog Harbor -Gills Rock
Distance across opening – 2 miles
Maximum depth – 83 feet
Fish population – whitefish, chinook salmon

9.  Sister Bay
Distance across opening – 3/4 mile
Maximum depth – 39 feet
Fish population – lake trout, smallmouth bass

10.  Sturgeon Bay – west coast
Distance across opening – 1.5 miles
Maximum depth – 55 feet
Fish population – lake trout, perch, walley