Shrubbery damaged by deerMy friend, Connie, is fascinated every time she sees wildlife.  She especially loves deer.  I do too, and this time of year they are so pretty.  There is a reason though to keep deer out of your gardens.  If you think it’s unnecessary or bad to fence them out, spray repellent or even hunt them...think again. 

Deer carry disease and the destruction they cause can make them far less appealing than Bambi. 

Deer Carry and Transmit Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted via a bite from a tick.  Lyme disease will cause fever, fatigue, headache and sometimes rashes in humans and animals, including your family pet.  If not detected and treated Lyme disease may cause loss of memory and even damage to the nervous system.

A bacterial infection, Brucellosis, will display flu-like symptoms like headache and fever.  This too will cause damage to the central nervous system and damage to the heart lining.  

Deer Have and Attract Predators

In the food chain all animals have predators and deer are no different.  The deer’s natural predators, the Coyote in our area, carry diseases like rabies.  A Coyote won’t hesitate to snatch your family pet or those chickens you’ve been raising.  Once a predator finds that the eating is good they’ll be back for more.  So now you not only have a deer problem but you’ll have Coyote too.  

Deer will feast on your landscape plants

Deer Can Damage Your Landscaping

Ask anyone on Glidden Drive and they’ll tell you how devastating deer can be to landscape plants and shrubbery.  Deer eat six to ten pounds of food every day; in the process they tear bark and leaves from trees.  That tearing leaves a two-inch long gouge that weakens the plant.  Deer especially love new plant growth.  When the bucks are in the “rut” (mating season), to mark their territory they  rub their antlers on young trees and that causes scarring, a weakening and sometimes will kill the tree.

Deer Are Aggressive

Hard to believe, isn’t it?  But when competition for food exists large deer will muscle away the younger deer but have also been observed to gore, head-butt or trample a human who gets in their way.

Deer Cause Accidents

Statistics show that deer and cars collide 100,000 a month, nationally.   These accidents cause about 150 deaths of humans per year.

I’ve heard from a few friends and clients that Dave’s Tree Service in Jacksonport offers an effective and relatively inexpensive treatment to repel deer from your landscape.  To avoid colliding with them, well, I can only say be careful out there!

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